China Dickerson

China Dickerson Headshot

China Dickerson, Political Strategist

Originally from Charleston, SC, China Dickerson has almost two decades of experience working in the areas of political campaigns, community development, and the federal government.  Dickerson began her career as a high school student working in her congressman’s district office.  She later moved to Washington, DC to attend Howard University.

Upon graduating from Howard, Dickerson served in the US Peace Corps in El Salvador where for two years she facilitated the formation and improvement of programs that promoted development and capacity building in poverty-stricken municipalities.  Her work included organizing and overseeing workshops for women on civil rights and prevention of domestic violence; for men on sexism; and for youth on self-esteem, STD awareness, and sexual abuse.  Back in the U.S., Dickerson attended law school at Howard University during which she interned at the White House, Podesta Group, and managed Brianne Nadeau’s winning campaign for DC City Council.  

Dickerson is former Deputy Director of Women Ready for Hillary, and former Manager of State Engagement and Development at EMILY's List.  Most recently, Dickerson was Senior Advisor for Dionne Reeder, who ran for DC City Council, At Large and Campaign Manager for WeLead alumna Lauren Underwood (D-IL-14) who recently won her race to be the youngest African American woman elected to U.S. Congress.

Currently, Dickerson is the National Political Director for Forward Majority, a political organization with the mission of flipping state house chambers to a Democrat majority.  Dickerson is also proud to be former Chair of the Young Democrats of America Women's Caucus and to serve on the executive boards of Women Under Forty PAC and Men4Choice.

China spoke at the November 2019 Fundraising training session.