WeLead Campaign Training Program

three women panelists seated at table

Jan 28: Campaign communications reflect not just a candidate's resume or talking points, but rather a 'value statement.' On top of that, an effective strategy considers 1/timing 2/context 3/platform and 4/media relationships. Pictured: Karen Finney, Megan Whittemore and WPI ED Betsy Fischer Martin. Read More

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Dec 10: We introduced the WeLead2023 Fundraising Challenge and explored the fundamentals of fundraising with Heather Colburn, State Representative Lisa Borowski (PA-168), WeLead2017 alum Nicole Tardif and NARAL's Neisha Blandin. According to Colburn, "Fundraising is nothing more than inviting other people to make the world a better place." Borowski (pictured left) agreed saying, "You're raising money to make a difference." Read More

Large group photo on stairs of women in WeLead Training Program

Nov 19: Amanda Hunter presented research that women running for office should focus their messaging on 1/Issue Knowledge and 2/Qualifications. Later in the Campaign Manager panel, China Dickerson added that women candidates will be successful if they are "authentic, confident, and do the work." Read More

About WeLead

Six WeLead alumnae standing by banner

Top Political Practitioners

Learn from and engage with elected officials and leading experts in campaign management, communications, fundraising, grassroots mobilization, polling, advertising and digital media. Pictured left: WeLead Alumnae Melissa Sullivan, Sarah Rovito, Zandria Haines, Erika Dyer, WPI Executive Director Betsy Fischer Martin, and Alexandra Weinroth.

Professional development coach Lisa Montengro

Professional Career Development

Sharpen leadership skills through interactive sessions on personal branding, resume building, effective mentorships and public speaking.  Professional development coach Lisa Montenegro is featured in this photo. 

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser at podium

Record of Success

Engage with our network of 600 WeLead graduates through our program. Our alums occupy the halls of Congress, campaign war rooms, K Street offices, state legislatures, city councils and corporate boardrooms across the country.  DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (SPA/MPP '00) shares her experience running for office.  

Lauren Underwood addressing WeLead graduates

Designed for Working Professionals

Our competitive application process limits our class size to a select group of 30-40 accomplished post-graduates. Mindful of professional obligations, our six day-long training sessions are held on Saturdays at American University in Northwest Washington, DC.  WeLead Alumna Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL) addresses graduating women of the WeLead program. Full Story

welead alum nicole fries headshot

WeLead Alumni Spotlight

Nicole Fries
Deputy General Counsel, AHCCCSA

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headshot of welead speaker lisa borowski

WeLead Speaker Spotlight

Rep Lisa Borowski
Pennsylvania Statehouse (PA-168)

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Staying Power: Strategies for Women Incumbents

Women incumbents face specific challenges when running for reelection. New research from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation shows that voters think highly of women who own their achievements and stand up to critics. 

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