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Suhay, E., Klašnja, M., & Rivero, G. (2021). Ideology of Affluence: Explanations for inequality and economic policy preferences among rich americans. The Journal of Politics, 83(1), 367-380. doi:10.1086/709672

Edelson C. (2020) How to Keep the Republic (Before It’s Too Late): Why a New Constitution Is Necessary to Strengthen Liberal Democracy in the United States. In: Lamb C., Neiheisel J. (eds) Presidential Leadership and the Trump Presidency. The Evolving American Presidency. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Chris Edelson (2020) Sounding the Alarm: Trump’s Emergency Declaration at the Southern Border and Constitutional Failure, Congress & the Presidency, 47:2, 224-254, DOI: 10.1080/07343469.2019.1701584

Suhay, Elizabeth & Klasnja, Marko & Rivero, Gonzalo. (2020). Ideology of Affluence: Rich Americans' Explanations for Inequality and Attitudes toward Redistribution. The Journal of Politics. 83. 10.1086/709672. 

Understanding Political Compromise
In this large project CCPS Director David Barker with Shaun Bowler (University of California-Riverside) and Christopher Jan Carman (Glasgow University) seeks to understand the psychological and institutional causes of compromise—by citizens as well as lawmakers—in the US and Europe.

Leighley, J., & Oser, J. (2018). Representation in an Era of Political and Economic Inequality: How and When Citizen Engagement Matters. Perspectives on Politics, 16(2), 328-344. doi:10.1017/S1537592717003073

Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute

Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute

The Institute features a two-week intensive course in major aspects of lobbying and political influence.

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