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School of International Service

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Take a virtual tour of the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC. Learn more about the building that contributes so much to the vibrant community that is SIS.

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SIS Launches New Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation for Global Impact

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Two hands hold an Afghan flag.

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5 Questions on Afghanistan: What Brought Us to This Point, and Where Do We Go Now?

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Mainlehwon Ebenezer Vonhm

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SIS Alumnus Worked to Mitigate Religious Tensions and Wage Peace in the Wake of 9/11

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Scott Freeman, Sarah Snyder, Lyla Saxena, Shannon Short, Danielle Prouty, and Guy Ziv

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How We Spent Our Summer 2021

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A plane takes off from Kabul International Airport

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Where Do Afghanistan’s Refugees Go?

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Listen now to the latest episode: The National Security Legacy of 9/11

Learning About the Vastness of the IR Field

SIS professors taught IR with academic richness and very practical content.

SIS has been a huge value-add. I remember having professors who were high-level—one who was in the CIA and worked on the National Security Council staff for a while, another who headed up the Office of Management and Budget. And so, when I say value-add, that's what I mean. You're getting a glimpse of what this big field of international relations is.

Learn more about Anderson's career path, position in the Biden administration, and his time at SIS.

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