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Group X Pass Prices

Unlimited Summer Pass - $60 - unlimited classes, all summer!
Summer 1 Pass - $40 - unlimited classes, through June 30.
Single Day Pass - $15 - good for any classes on a single calendar day.

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Summer 2023 Group X Class Schedule

See schedule below.

Group exercise class

Private Group Exercise Classes

Interested in hosting a group exercise class for your group? We offer private group exercise classes taught by one of our certified instructors! We can tailor your session to your groups needs and offer a variety of group exercise classes for every level! Let's chat about hosting a session for your team, register below. 

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Class Descriptions

Full body workout that combines techinques from Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet. Barre 360 is a low-impact class that focuses on high repetitions of small range movements utilizing body weight, resistance bands, the bar and much more!

This new Group X class combines traditional Barre strength training exercises and high intensity intervals for a full-body workout by building endurance and improving your flexibility and balance! 

Join us for fun, dance and fitness that incorporates many styles of dance, international rhythms, and a club-like atmosphere that leaves all Zumba participants hooked! No dance experience is required. 

This dynamic and circuit style class is designed to build power, strength, and endurance. Cardio Circuit is a total body challenge designed to build strength and improve agility and muscular endurance thorugh various stations. 

Your core is the foundation of all your strength. Core & More is designed to develop and strengthen all the muscles of your core including your abs, glutes, and lower back.

This Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class combines a variety of strength, plyometric and anaerobic bodyweight movements to get you in shape. HIIT Strength will challenge you through bursts of exercise and short recovery breaks. All levels are welcome! 

This express style class offers a high-intensity indoor cycling workout. Each instructor will lead you through a blend of climbs, flats, and sprints to help reach your goals. This class is open to all levels! 


Cycling under the stars with exhilarating music! Come ride with us in this high energy indoor cycling class developed for all levels. This might be your new favorite class! 

Gentle candlelight fosters an atmosphere of tranquility, liberation, and self-realization through movement. You will flow through various postures that promote increased strength, focus and flexibility. This class is a great way to unwind from your day! 

Hit pause and join us on the mat! This yoga class is designed to loosen up your whole body and reconnect you with your breath. This slower-pace class allows time to explore postures by mindfully flowing and breathing while holding poses longer. This class is perfect for when you need to refocus or get a good night’s sleep! 

Center your mind and body while flowing through various postures that promote increased strength, focus and flexibility. This yoga class will introduce foundational yoga postures, teach you how to breathe and help you feel more comfortable in the yoga practice. This class is recommended if you are new to the yoga practice. 

Get your flow on in this dynamic yoga class! Yoga Flow links movement and breath creating a sense of flow and releases tension. You'll glide and flow into a blissful relaxation! We recommend trying out Yoga Flow I before progressing your practice to this class.

Follow along with a deep, peaceful practice as you focus on being present at the moment. This session will focus on slow breathwork and slow transitional movements by promoting mental clarity and reducing anxiety. Come join us as we focus on connecting your mind and body.