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Program Leaders

Complex Problems Program Leaders are undergraduate students and part-time student staff members, and their role is critical to the success of the Complex Problems program. Each Program Leader (PL) serves as a mentor to new AU students, helping them to integrate learning experiences both inside and outside of their Complex Problems seminar. 

All PLs can expect to:

  • Attend and participate in their Complex Problems seminar.
  • Have regular meetings with program faculty and staff.
  • Plan and participate in co-curricular activities.
  • Be available to support students socially and academically.

Hiring is closed for Fall 2023

If you are interested in being a Program Leader for Spring 2024, please feel free to reach out to 

Learn More

Check out the videos made by current Program Leaders for answers to frequently asked questions from students who want to apply. 

What Are The Perks?

Fun and Friends

  • Mentorship of new AU students by giving advice and guidance during their first year of college.
  • Collaboration with other program leaders and make friends along the way.
  • Expansion of knowledge by experiencing a unique seminar and exploring the diverse perspectives of the students and class materials.
  • Exploration of DC with the students.

Resume and Skill Building

  • Facilitation - helping to moderate class discussions
  • Event Planning - coordinating co-curricular activities for the seminar
  • Budgeting - managing available funds
  • Communication - connecting students with faculty and campus resources; working closely with faculty and staff
  • Conflict Management - mediating issues inside and outside the classroom
  • Time Management - balancing work and study

What Makes a Good Program Leader?

There is not one type of person who fits this role. 

Successful Program Leaders are committed to leadership, community engagement, and role modeling; and are enthusiastic, organized, efficient, and reliable.

Complex Problems PL

Work approximately 5 hours per week.

Seminar students do not participate in a living-learning community.

PLs meet in small teams with a Senior PL.

University College PL

Work approximately 5.5 hours per week. 

Seminar students live together in University College (UC) - Fall semester only

PL collaborates with cohort to implement residential programs related to the seminar.





Senior PL

Work approximately 6 hours per week as a CP or UC PL.

Coordinate a team of PLs and hold more administrative responsibilities.

Must have previously served as a Program Leader to apply.

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