AUx1 Course Overview

AUx1 is one of the foundational courses a student takes in their first year at AU. Throughout AUx1, students will be introduced to various practices, including how to practice mindfulness, how to develop sustainable habits, and how to establish boundaries. Students will also be introduced to dialogue and self-reflection as an introduction to anti-racist principles and a foundation for AUx2. These will help them throughout their time at AU and beyond. AUx1 course learning outcomes are achieved through course content, in-class activities, reflective and experiential assignments, and in-class dialogues with course Instructors, Peer Facilitators, and classmates.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Engage with AU resources that support them in navigating their academic and social transition to AU.
  • Apply knowledge-based skills to develop positive habits that support their holistic wellness and community development at AU.
  • Describe how their identity development impacts them personally and how they engage with their communities at AU.
  • Practice self-reflection and dialogue as an introduction to anti-oppressive and anti-racist principles.

Please see the list below for class topics for fall 2022.

  • Class 1: AUx - Laying the Foundation
  • Class 2: Navigating Your AU Experience - Pathways to Academic Wellness
  • Class 3: Navigating Your AU Experience - Pathways to Personal and Social Wellness
  • Class 4: Exploring Identity through Critical Self-Reflection
  • Class 5: Cycle of Socialization
  • Class 6: Registration Readiness
  • Class 7: Career & Life Development in a Changing World
  • Class 8: Class Choice
  • Class 9: Building a Framework of Anti-Oppressive & Anti-Racist Learning
  • Class 10: Intro to Dialogue
  • Class 11: Reflecting on Your AU Community
  • Class 12: Experiencing Privilege & Oppression at AU
  • Class 13: Creating a Restorative & Resilient Community
  • Class 14: Lessons Learned

Laying the Foundation: What is AUx1? (Fall 2022)


Hear from some of the AUx Staff, Instructors, and Peer Facilitators about how the AUx1 course is framed and what you can expect this semester.