Bachelor's/Master's Combined Degree Program

Fast track your way to a master's degree. These combined degree programs allow accomplished undergraduates to complete both a bachelor's and a master's at AU within a shorter amount of time than it would take to complete separate bachelor's and master's programs. Learn more below and contact your advisor to discuss this opportunity.

Potential Benefits

  • Save upwards of $22,000 in tuition costs by sharing credits between the two degrees. Please talk to your advisor early as a credit limitation exists. 
  • Reduce the overall time required to earn both degrees.
  • For many programs, you may not incur additional application fees or need to take the GRE/GMAT entrance exams. See specific programs to learn if these conditions apply. 
  • Choose a graduate program in a different field from your undergraduate degree as long as the two degrees share common courses.
  • Take more challenging courses since you will be pursuing your Bachelor's degree at the same time you begin your Master's. 
  • Obtain a competitive edge in the job market.


  • You can apply after you have completed 75 credits towards your bachelor's degree. Some programs will allow you to apply before you have earned 75 credits. Many programs recommend that you apply before completing 90 credits. See specific program requirements for details.
  • You will need a 3.0 GPA or higher. See specific program requirements for details.