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Dakota Strode Political Science (PhD)

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BA, Political Science, American University
MA, Political Science, American University

Dakota is a PhD student at American University. He studies American politics and comparative politics with concentrations in LGBTQ politics, Irish politics, women in politics, and political behavior.
Dakota works as a research assistant for Dr. Andrew Flores, assisting him in his studies of LGBTQ politics and with whom he is currently co-authoring two article length-projects.  Specifically, Dr. Flores examines public opinion regarding LGBTQ rights, the experiences of LGBTQ people, and the representation of sexual and gender diverse people in politics. Dakota works with Dr. Flores on research analyzing survey data that observes public perceptions of LGBTQ rights and the political experiences of LGBTQ people. Previously, Dakota worked as a research assistant for Dr. Karen O'Connor and Dr. Elizabeth Suhay. When studying at University College Dublin, he worked as research assistant intern for Dr. Johan Elkink with whom he is co-authoring an article-length project on the global diffusion of same-sex marriage policy. Dakota's research has been presented at several conferences, including NPSA and SPSA. In 2019, Dakota received the benefactors award from the American University Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies.
Prior to beginning this program, Dakota obtained his M.A. in Political Science and B.A. in Political Science at American University. Dakota also previously worked as a Social Policy Fellow at the American Association for Access, Equity, and Diversity.