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Photograph of Alex Clayton

Alex Clayton AA SPA Justice,Law & Criminology

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Additional Positions at AU
Instructor, Dept. of Justice, Law & Criminology
PhD Candidate, Dept. of Justice, Law & Criminology
Faculty/Staff Advisor, Students for a Just Society (SJS)
M.S. Justice, Law & Society, American University

B.A. Politics & Government, Western State College

Favorite Spot on Campus
The comic book (graphic novel) section in Bender Library
Favorite Place in Washington DC
Adams Morgan neighborhood
Alex Clayton is an Academic Counselor, Instructor, and PhD candidate in the Department of Justice, Law & Criminology. His research focuses on the nexus of law and civil conflict, specifically how the rule of law motivates, mitigates, and changes violent and nonviolent conflicts. Other research interests include issues related to domestic terrorism and the social construction of terrorism, examining gun violence and mass shootings as a form of terrorism, and the causes and effects of foreign fighter participation in transnational conflicts. In 2015-2016, Alex was an inaugural fellow with the Peace & Violence Research Lab at American University. He has also spent time as a member of the editorial staff at the the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), as a paralegal, and as a legislative affairs intern in the U.S. Senate.
For the Media
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Spring 2022

  • JLC-474 Domestic Terrorism/Pol Violen