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Graduate Leadership Council

Grad Leadership Council

The Graduate Leadership Council serves as the primary representative of the graduate student body to American University's administration, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni. The GLC works to improve graduate students' academic, social and professional experiences. To learn more about the Graduate Leadership Council and each of the five Graduate Student Councils, visit the GLC webpage.

The New Club Registration is currently closed. The process will open in late September-early October. 

Students interested in starting a new student club must follow the outlined process established by the Center for Student Involvement. Interest groups that are approved for registration, will recieve 'Recognized' status for the following semester of application. 

More information will be available here and on Engage in the fall. 

What is Annual Renewal (re-registration)?

Annual renewal is CSI's renewal process for all recognized clubs and organizations. When you renew your club, your club remains active for another year. If you do not renew, your club will be frozen for the 2022-2023 school year.

Annual Renewal is in 3 phases: Re-Register, Orientate, & Involvement Fair

When is Annual Renewal?

Phase 1 of annual renewal (Re-Registration) will be June 15th-July15th.

What is a frozen club?

Clubs are frozen when they do not complete annual renewal. Frozen clubs cannot host events, receive funding, or complete any financial transactions. If you are a frozen club, you can complete next year’s annual renewal to regain active status. If your club is frozen for 2 years, you will have to become recognized again via the new club registration process.

Do I have to complete all 3 phases to complete renewal?

Phase 1 and 2 are mandatory for all clubs and organizations. Phase 3 is the opportunity to engage with interested students, recruit new members, and prepare for the year.

Where can I find more information about Annual Renewal?

View CSI Website: (under Annual Renewal)

Phase 1: Re-Registration

All CSI Student Organizations must complete Engage Re-Registration by Friday, July 15th. 

Any student organization that does not complete Phase 1: Re-Registration is no longer active as of Friday, July 15th.


  • Login to Engage using your AU credentials 
  • Find the square box in the top right-hand corner and click “Manage”
  • Choose your organization and click “Re-Register this Organization”
  • Complete the following:
      1. Review the web tutorials
        1. Introduction to Engage
        2. Building and Managing Your Organization's Roster
      2. Confirm or update information
        1. Club constitution
        2. Club logo/image
        3. Club email
        4. Student Primary Contact
        5. Off campus address* FSL Groups Only
      3.  Manage your club roster
        1. Review your current roster
          1. Remove any graduated students or designate their position as “alumni”
          2. Remove any students who are no longer members or designate their position as “follower”
        2. Add your executive board members
          1. These are the required positions:
            • President
            • Treasurer
            • EMS Space Requester
            • ***New Member Educator (Professional Greek-lettered chapters)
        3. Confirm and add Club Faculty/Staff Advisor
        4. Review your new additions
          1. Make sure to input students using their AU email address. 
          2. All student clubs must have a minimum of 8 student members in your roster (excluding the Club Faculty/Staff Advisor
      4. Submit your re-registration form! You will receive either an "approval" or "denial" email from Engage once the submission is reviewed. If your submission is denied, review the comments for the necessary changes to your submission.

After you have submitted your submission, you can go back and view your submission to see if it has been approved or denied or finish incomplete submissions.

Have questions? Check out these resources:

More details about Phase 2 and 3 will be communicated in late July!

If you have further questions, email or (Lettered Greek Organizations only). 

DaVanta Parker

In addition to advising undergraduate student clubs, DaVanta advises the Graduate Leadership Council and assist with advising of the Graduate Student Councils. 
Office: MGC 271