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Taking a Medical Temporary Leave

Requesting a Medical Temporary Leave

  • Prior to the start of a semester, and up until the last day of the add-drop period, a student who wishes to take a Temporary Medical Leave should contact their academic advisor to request the leave, consult about their academic progress and implications to their graduation plan.
  • Student should provide documentation to the Dean of Students office from their care provider that supports the leave for medical or mental health reasons. 

This documentation should include the rationale for requesting the Medical Temporary Leave, an outline of the treatment plan during the leave, and an explanation of the progress that should occur prior to reengaging in the academic and social environment of American University. The Dean of Students Office will evaluate the documentation, discuss plans with the student, and determine if the documentation supports granting of the Medical Temporary Leave. The Dean of Students Office will notify the student’s academic advisor. All medical documentation will be maintained by the Dean of Students Office.

Students who are granted a Medical Temporary Leave may not take courses at another college or university during the leave period unless they are granted a Medical Permit to Study.