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Using Time Effectively on Medical Leave

Students are expected to get medical care or receive mental health treatment while they are away from campus on a temporary medical leave. Therefore, getting the care needed should be the priority of students during this time. The Dean of Students Office and its affiliated offices can serve as resources to guide students to options for receiving care. Before returning to studies at American University, the Dean of Students Office will expect the student to provide documentation of care received.

While on a leave, students may not take courses at another institution for credit unless granted prior approval to do so. Students may request a medical permit to study at another institution while on temporary medical leave. If a student is not approved for a medical permit to study, no academic credit will be granted at American University.

If a student has been granted an incomplete from a prior semester, the student may be eligible to complete this work while on leave. Prior to taking the leave, the student must contact their academic advisor and faculty member(s) concerning options for completing incomplete coursework.

Getting a job, interning, or taking classes at a local college are examples of ways that students have filled their time productively while on leave. Again, receiving medical care or treatment should be the priority.