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Photograph of Kamran Loghman

Kamran Loghman Professorial Lecturer Info Technology & Analytics

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KSB - Kogod School of Business
Kamran Loghman (pronounced Cameron Logman) is a faculty and professional lecturer at Kogod School of Business. He is a professor of information technology, leadership, strategy, and international business. In his professional capacity, he acts as the Chief Global Instructor for leadership, innovation and executive development at Apple. Kamran Loghman is a lecturer for strategy and leadership at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis and past Senior Executive Education Fellow at the University of Maryland, Robert. H. Smith School of Business. Kamran Loghman has several decades of significant experience as a C-level executive and is the former President and CEO of Zarc International, a global manufacturer of law enforcement related devices, and was formerly the Executive Director of Nifar, a bioinformatics company with specific focus relating to diseases of the brain. Considering his diversified career, Kamran Loghman is no stranger to creativity and innovation. He is an inventor at heart and holds several patents in chemistry and fluid dynamics. He is the inventor and developer of weapons-grade pepper spray technology for law enforcement application and was instrumental in its distribution, training and use globally. He is the recognized expert in federal court proceedings regarding chemical exposure, and has authored many technical manuals, some of which form the basis for training at FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center), FBI Academy, US Custom and Border Protection, Secret Service, and the US Air Force, among others. Kamran Loghman has appeared nationally in numerous courts of law as an expert witness including cases with high media exposure. See complete bio at:
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Spring 2021

  • IBUS-618 Manager in International Econ

  • KSB-496 Selected Topics:Non-Recurring: American Acad/Business Culture

  • KSB-653 Business Leadership Skills

Fall 2021

  • ITEC-200 Edge of Information Technology

  • KSB-610 Strategic Thinking

  • KSB-653 Business Leadership Skills