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Summer Schedules 2022 FAQs

Will there be increased flexibility in hybrid schedules over the summer 2022?

As part of AU’s ongoing commitment to support an enhanced employee experience and continually improve How AU Works, Deans, Vice Provosts, and Department Heads of administrative units may increase flexibility in schedules during the summer months for eligible full-time staff based on unit needs and job functions.

What summer scheduling options are available?

There are two possible options for summer schedules for eligible full-time staff:

  • A temporary move to another hybrid modality/schedule offering more remote work, but not to exceed four days of remote work per week; and
  • Flex hours to include adjustments in the staff’s agreed-upon starting and departure times that differ from the standard schedule of the department.

Options for summer are limited to temporary changes in modality and flex hours and do not include reduced work hours or abbreviation of the workweek.

There are key days (e.g. Preview Days July 15, August 5, 2022) during the summer when many staff on main campus are expected to be present, even if it is not typically one of their in-person days. Events such as these are vital to our continued success in student recruitment, and staff involved cannot opt-out. Supervisors should communicate with staff about days that require in-person work to plan accordingly. The ability to implement this type of flexibility is key to the university’s ability to successfully implement the hybrid work modality.

Are staff members entitled to additional remote day(s) if they need to come in on a day they are otherwise scheduled to be remote?

Generally, staff members should plan to work on campus an extra day/days should these situations arise.

When will summer schedules go into effect?

Staff will have the opportunity for increased schedule flexibility for the Summer 2022 sessions beginning on May 16 and ending on August 14. WCL will follow their own summer schedule, which has different beginning and end dates.

How will I learn if I am eligible for a summer schedule?

Deans, Vice Provosts, and Department Heads of administrative units will work with supervisors in AU departments to assess the staff in their units to determine if, based on responsibilities during the summer sessions, it is possible to adjust schedules for the summer to allow for more remote work. If certain positions are amenable for additional remote work or flex hours based on their duties, supervisors will contact employees to adjust for the summer.

How do departments ensure consistency in practice this summer?

The university is encouraging supervisors to make opportunities available on an equal basis to similarly situated employees while assessing their overall team’s schedule to ensure adequate coverage for their office’s responsibilities at all applicable times. Deans, Vice Provosts, and Department Heads of administrative units are encouraged to work with their peers and direct reports to ensure consistency in decision-making across similar functions and within their units.

Will university offices be able to close this summer to accommodate summer schedules?

Departments are required to maintain the standing operating hours for their unit (generally, 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday) and should ensure that summer scheduling does not impact the office’s ability to open or close and perform critical functions. Offices will need to ensure they have procedures to process mail, answer phones, address incoming emails or voicemails, and accommodate walk-ins if relevant.

Will we be required to hold Core Days this summer?

Core Days may be continued virtually during the summer or suspended.

What can staff who are seeking a summer schedule do?

Staff who are eligible for summer schedules will be contacted by their supervisor. They will be required to complete a new Summer Hybrid Work Agreement before beginning their summer schedule. Staff may be asked to provide their unit with their vacation schedule for summer in advance to assist the unit with their planning. Working with their supervisor, Staff should be aware of key days that they will be required to work in-person days (e.g., Preview Day) during the summer. Eligibility for increased flexibility will be based on university needs and job function – not all full-time will be eligible. Decisions about additional flexibility for the summer are ultimately up to Deans, Vice Provosts, and Department Heads of administrative units based on the unit’s operational needs.

Who do I contact with questions?

Human Resources is available to assist employees and supervisors who have questions on how to implement a flexible work schedule. Please contact HR at