Besieged lives. A learning network about youth, work, and violence in Latin America.

The Center for Latin American and Latino Studies (CLALS) has partnered with la Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Sede Costa Rica (FLACSO-Costa Rica) on Vidas Sitiadas (Besieged Lives), a research and practice-oriented initiative to illuminate how systems of violence and marginalization impact the lives of vulnerable women and girls in Latin American cities. Vidas Sitiadas is sponsored by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and CLALS is contributing to the FLACSO-Costa Rica project by disseminating its key findings through English-language outlets, including blog posts on the AULABLOG, upcoming policy briefs, and social media interventions. CLALS and FLACSO-Costa Rica also convened a virtual seminar that featured leading experts in the field to discuss systems of marginalization and policies for women's empowerment.  

This three-year research project aims to prevent violence by identifying the links between youth, gender, violence, and economic opportunities. Moreover, it proposes strategies and policy solutions for the social inclusion of vulnerable youth in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Chile. The investigation utilizes qualitative methods, such as interviews and direct observations, as well as quantitative data. Topics addressed in the study include victimization, motherhood, intersectionality, mental health, informal labor markets, pathways to criminality, post-imprisonment reintegration, the affiliation of young women in gangs, and the impact of COVID-19. The project also involves local efforts to construct learning communities that will provide insights for policy makers, development practitioners, academic specialists, and other influential actors in the field.

Workshops and Public Events

Webinar Series | April 26-27, 2022

In partnership with IDRC, FLACSO-Costa Rica hosted two workshops via Zoom where researchers working on the Vidas Sitiadas initiative described their work carried out in five projects across Latin America, presented their findings, and discussed the ways these results can help further economic and political advocacy for young women in Latin America. The workshops were split into two sessions, each of which focused on one of the following topics: gender, violence, work, and political advocacy.

The recordings of these webinars are available on our Past Events page.