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 “Vera” is an adaptation of a short story by Katherine Mansfield entitled “Dill Pickle”. 

The “Vera” project consists of many media elements: a fourteen minute short film shot and edited in a traditional, 2D format; an eighteen minute non-interactive 360 video; a twenty minute radio drama (still in production); a volumetric/holographic immersive film; the world’s first volumetric tabletop narrative; and a large scale virtual reality installation experience in which the viewer can roam the reconstructed film set, interacting with the props from the film and discovering details that enrich the story. “Vera” was selected to a prestigious international curated exhibit at CHI 2020 in Hawaii, and will be shown at Cannes Film Festival 2020. Beside addressing social equity, the project was an experiential learning opportunity for AU students at a New York location and film studios. Half of the crew and cast were students.