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Latina/o/x Studies

This minor brings together the study of culture, literature and film, race and ethnicity, language, history, indigeneity, art, electoral politics, public health, gender and sexuality, policy, and environment as they relate to Latina/o/x peoples in the US.

What Is Latina/o/x Studies?

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Housed in Critical Race, Gender, and Culture Studies, Latina/o/x Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that considers Latin American origin communities in the United States. As a branch of US race and ethnic studies, Latina/o/x Studies courses explore questions of race, ethnicity, and racialization as the primary areas of focus. Operating from a comparative framework that examines Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican/Chicana/o/x, Central American, and other Latin American populations, the minor explores common interests and differences affecting US Latina/o/x populations. Latina/o/x Studies at American University capitalizes on the University’s strategic location in the DC Metropolitan area, a contact zone of communities with roots in all parts of the Americas.

Latinx Symposium

Laura Pulido, "Monumental Denial: White Innocence in US Cultural Memory";
September 29, 2:00-4:00, Battelle-Tompkins Atrium

Future of Latinx Studies Roundtable: Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, Perla Guerrero, Ricardo Ortiz, Kristie Dorr, Laura Pulido, and David Vazquez;
September 30, noon-2:00, Battelle-Tompkins Atrium.

About the Symposium
Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, David Vazquez, Laura Pulido, Kristie Dorr, Perla Guerrero, Ricardo Ortiz.


Why Minor in Latina/o/x Studies?

A minor in Latina/o/x Studies will add depth to your major and program of studies. Six of the eighteen credits in a minor in LTST may be cross-counted towards another major or minor. Consult your advisor and course catalog before declaring/registering.

Minor Latina/o/x Studies

Program Director

Yami Payano

Alumni ·

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Statement in Solidarity with Anti-Racist Efforts from CRGC

The faculty of the Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Culture Studies join with protesters across the world to denounce police brutality and systemic anti-Black violence. 

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David J. Vázquez

Announcement ·

David Vázquez Joins AU to Build Latinx Studies Program

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