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Alliances and Interest Groups

Connect with alumni with shared identities, interests, and careers.

American University has a broad range of alumni affinity groups and networks that eagerly seek your active participation.


The Asian and Pacific Islander Alumni Network (APIAN) was created with the mission to increase engagement, foster connections, and build a worldwide network of the 5,500 American University Asian and Pacific Islander-heritage alumni community and beyond.

Co-Chairs: Megan Rummler, SIS/MA '19; Maisha Mailha Hoque, SIS/BA '18
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The mission of the AU Black Alumni Alliance (BAA) is to create a lifelong and worldwide community of AU alumni with greatest focus on the 6,000 black and African-heritage Diaspora communities and beyond.

Chair: Qui-Juan Jones, Kogod/BSBA ’09
Vice Chair: Nakeesha Ceran, SPA/BA ’10, SPA/MA ’12
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The mission of the AU Latino Alumni Alliance (LAA) is to increase engagement, foster connections, and build a worldwide network of the 4,000 American University Latino and Hispanic-heritage alumni community and beyond.

Chair: Kathy LaTorre, SPA/BA '11
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The Legacy Alumni Network (LAN) is designed to bring together those alumni and students who have made an AU education part of their family tradition. Generations of families have passed on the AU tradition to their children and grandchildren, and we want to help celebrate this special relationship. The LAN helps these members of the AU community stay in touch with the university and with other legacies through special events and networking opportunities.

Chair: Adam Katz, WCL/JD '86
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The vision of AU Pride Alumni Alliance (AU Pride) is to connect and engage the LGBTQ and ally communities of American University Alumni through celebrating diversity and increasing visibility.

Co-chair: Foster Curry, CAS/BA ’10
Co-chair: Walker Sands, Kogod/MBA ‘14
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The AU Women's Network seeks to bring together AU alumnae to connect, build, and strengthen valuable relationships that will contribute to professional success, as well as deepen ties to the AU community.

Co-Chairs: Jolene McNeil, SPA/BA '97; Alexa Pappas, SPA/BA '90
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Industry and Interests

The mission of AU's Faculty & Staff Alumni Affinity Network (FSAAN), better known as the Eagles Nest, is to facilitate fellowship among AU alumni who are faculty or staff of the university. 

Co-Chairs: Tess Saffar, SIS/BA '13, SIS/MA '15 & Nadia Trowers, SOC/BA '07, SOC/MA '13
Staff Liaison: Kristy Silva

With more than 10,000 alumni trained in entertainment and media, the AU Entertainment and Media Alumni Alliance (EMAA) aims to create a lifelong and worldwide community of AU alumni with current and aspiring careers in motion pictures, music, television, and theater, as well as news, public communication, journalism, and documentaries. 

Staff Liaison: Carlita Pitts
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The mission of the AU Veterans Alumni Network is to foster and support a community of AU alumni who have previously served in our armed services and to create increased opportunities for meaningful engagement towards the end of greater awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment to American University. 

Chair: William Hubbard, SIS/BA '11
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AU Social Media Ambassadors works with dedicated alumni looking for great ways to connect with the University and fellow alumni through social media. 

Staff Liaison: Alicia Kubert
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Student Experience

The Alumni Admissions Volunteers (AAV) program invites dedicated AU alumni and parents to assist with the recruitment of prospective undergraduate and graduate AU students. 

Chair: Amy Lampert, SOC/BA '94
Staff Liaison: Kristy Silva
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The AU Eagle Alumni Board is an alliance composed of AU alumni who formerly worked on the student newspaper, The Eagle, during their time at American University.

Chair: Zach Cohen, SIS/BA '14
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The Gospel Choir Alumni Network was created to bring together AU alumni who previously performed in the Gospel choir during their time at AU.

Co-Chairs: Shayna Hayes, SOC/BA '07Christian Taylor, Kogod/BSBA '12
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